Elletielle: a new look on the web

The continuous modernisation and refreshing that we have brought to our company is also communicated to current and potential customers via our new website.


We are a company specialised in metalworking that operates in two locations: one in San Vito al Tagliamento, the company's legal and administrative headquarters with departments dedicated to the processing of sheet metal, and one in Spilimbergo, where we deal with the processing of tubes, beams and profiles.

The recent global pandemic has put everyone to the test. We have always been confident that a restart with great news would follow. In this particular period, we have decided to give our company a new look, to make improvements to our customer service and to enhance our skills.

We have continued to invest in human resources and technology and inaugurate what we hope will finally be for everyone the restart with a renewed image of Elletielle on the web with a new site.

We want our goal of improvement to be communicated and supported by an equally high-performing site. We wanted to create an easy and immediate site to simplify the user experience of our customers so that they can quickly find the information they need.

On our website you can find the various processes we can carry out, the materials we deal with and the services we offer our customers, including a contact form to be used to send a request for quote to which our technicians will respond quickly.

We wanted the professionalism of our company to start with our site. Elletielle’s focus has always been to satisfy customers with quality workmanship and a fast and efficient service and the end customer’s satisfaction.

The photos on the website have been taken at our company with the machinery in operation. We wanted the photos to have a creative and dynamic slant, two characteristics that we believe distinguish us and that we are particularly fond of. Browsing through the description of each process, users can also find images of the products our systems are capable of producing.

The implementation and replacement of our machinery with new technology has continued over the last two years, with the introduction of three new machines with new innovative technology. We have revisited the internal organization of the production workflow. The new 4.0 technology has enabled us to monitor the various phases from order entry to delivery of the requested product, with an improvement in the service to the end customer, which is our primary objective.

Just visit our website, see what’s new and find out more about the most suitable processes for your needs.

Posted on 28 Jul 2021

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