Plasma cutting

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Plasma cutting

The plasma arc melts the metal and the gas removes the molten material at high speed. The plasma gas is also called assist gas. It is first subjected to the ionization process and then ejected from the nozzle orifice. The shielding gas is the second used by the process.

The HiFocus source plasma technology is synonymous with the potential to meet the widest demand for cutting electrically conductive materials. Its high quality is characterized by smooth, slag-free cutting grooves and is the most advanced plasma cutting system on the market.

When is plasma cutting the best choice?

  • for thicknesses between 3mm and 35mm where laser precision is not required
  • for pieces with a hole diameter greater than 1.5 times the thickness (carbon steel); double the thickness for stainless steel
  • for pieces obtained from non-planar sheet metal (e.g. embossed or striated sheet metal) or from imperfect surfaces (oxidised or scratched)

Work machine
HiFocus Plasma

Laser Fibra MSF12001.30 L is a high precision and reliable cutting system designed for cutting large sheets.

Working area: 12m x 3m.

Cutting range

From 8mm to 160mm

Cutting quality

EN ISO 9013-classe I

Working size

2500 x 24000 mm

Possible processes

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